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“Baft Higher Education Center” was established in 1997 admitting 45 students in Pure Mathematics in B.Sc. level. After some discordances, and a four year interval, the center was launched again in 2002 admitting 90 students in undergraduate level Accounting and Commercial Management with the presidency of Mr. Ibrahim Malekmohammadi. After Mr. Malekmohammadi was transferred to Kerman, Mr. Alireza Kashani was appointed the president of this center in 2005 and like before, the center’s development was the first priority. In line with that, a land of 1000 sq. meter was allocated to the center and the number of faculty members and students increased. In 2008, and with establishment of two new fields of Commercial Economy and Accounting the center was called “Baft Faculty of Management and Economy”.

Currently, there are 650 students studying in this faculty and 14 faculty members together with 20 visiting professors have the responsibility of their training. During these years, 830 students were graduated from this faculty, many of them are pursuing their higher education or employed by banks or financial organizations.


Faculty members have been active in research fields and published a large number of articles and books.


Having a library of 5000 Persian and Latin books, and an Internet site, Baft faculty of management and economy provides scientific and research services to students and faculty members.


In 2009, and with the approval of establishing “Orzuiieh College of Agriculture” as subsidiary of Baft faculty of management and economy, this faculty was promoted and called “Baft Higher Education complex”.


Future activities of this complex include the completion of first phase of site, increasing the number of fields and attracting new students and faculty members and finally promoting to the level of university. Five fold increase of educational, research and welfare space, ten fold increase of students, launching graduate studies, increase of the number of faculty members, more connections with industries and cooperation with organizations, institutions and industries of town, province and country are considered in the future programs.



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